Friday, July 27, 2012

SEW not Knitting ...

About a month ago, I got a brand new sewing machine. My machine is a Singer Curvy. I went for a week without touching her. Now, I can't keep my hands off of her. I can't say that I love sewing more than knitting or crochet. I can't say that sewing come easy to me. I can't even say that I can sew a straight line. I can say that sewing has presented a whole new, addictive challenge for me and I am excited by it. Sorry knitting, you just have to share these hands.

I quickly grew tired of making pillows. So, I made a box bag. This bag is the product of at least 5 blogs and 1 YouTube tutorial. Zipper $0.25, Fabric - Less than $2.00, my first zippered project = Priceless!

This precious showed up in the mail a couple of days ago. It will be the prize for the Sacred Skein Craftalong! Isn't she pretty?  Cakewalk Yarns Sprout colorway.

What to sew next? Well, more zippered bags. This bag is a modified version of this free pattern.  I made the bag longer and used fat quarters on the inside. I am not completely satisfied with these babies but they will do. I will get better with practice,practice, practice.

Sew now what? I have patterns for an apron and an Ipad holder (that will fit my tablet). Fun times!


  1. Very, very cool. Love the new bags. Nothing like the joy of knitting to inspire a new skill. And a new joy :)

  2. Well done Nicole on your bags. I love the owl fabric one. I think you have done a fantastic job on your first ones, especially putting zippers into them too. Love the Cakewalk skein - I was just over at their site yesterday looking at their gorgeous skeins. I hope you find some more projects. You could always make cushions for your house.

  3. Nicole, Your DayBreak - Gorgeous Colors ! ! !
    Each and every one of your bags great! You'll be casting on projects left and right just to fill these bags.

    Thank You for the photo of your machine. She's snazzy! ! Looks like you have a number of stitches. Just know you'll spend many hours of enjoyment creating on project after another,

    ATTN NICK: Your first podcast was great! You did a terrific job hosting your own segment. You talked about subjects that interests you and that is always a pleasant thing for you to do as well as for us to listen. I am looking forward to your next appearance.

    1. Thank you, Gerry! They are a fun project to learn with. I have been sending them to friends and one is even ear marked for my bag pusher as a Thank You.

      Nick says Thank You! With a shy grin. Idk where that came from. Thank you for always being supportive!