Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2/2 with Much To Do

Where did January go? My mom was right. Time really does seem to fly by as you get older.  What have I been up to? I am gonna tell ya..
Last month my husband gave me 2 skeins of Malabrigo Chunky. I was so happy. I probably would have shown him how happy I was if he hadn’t given them to me AFTER he came home for working the night shift.  He was so happy with himself that he woke me up and put the plastic covered skeins in my hand. I mumbled my appreciation and sat the yarn on my night stand.
Let me just say that I have such a KNITCRUSH on this yarn that it isn’t even funny. #173 STONECHAT feels yummy. Just thinking about how soft it is gives me butterflies in my tummy. The colors are just delish. They are colors that I love; olive sage greens, burgundy  reds that kinda fade to pink, burnt orange, and browns. Just ahhh...  I am making Bella’s Mittens for myself.  Right yarn + perfect pattern = a beautiful thing.
(Did I mention that this is my first mitten EVER?)
Yesterday I cast on for the February Lady Sweater. This is a sweater of firsts for me. My first sweater , my first knit along, and yesterday I made my first BUTTONHOLE (and my second last night).  My second buttonhole is way cuter than my first. Can you tell that I am proud of myself? I hope to complete this sweater before my birthday (the 24th of this month).  I am knitting in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in the Papaya Heather color.  KP gives free shipping with order of $50 so along with the yarn I ordered, 1 skein of lace yarn, a set of size 7 and size 8 interchangeable needles , two 42” cables, and a yarn defuzzer. I am happy with it all. I am using the size 8’s for my mittens AND my FLS, which is coming along better than I expected considering that I am a sweater virgin (that's what every calls it).
I have lots of knitting to do for Valentine’s Day that I would love to talk about. Too bad my motto is “Don’t talk about it. BE about it.” For the next week, I will BE knitting feverishly trying to finish up my husband’s simple, but time consuming, gift, plus a gift for my son’s teacher.


  1. Love them bella, love, love the colorway!

    So true about the time flying....we need to slow it down!

  2. That is SO sweet of your hubbie!!! Stonechat rocks! I just knit up a simple beanie for my Army friend. Photo shoot today!