Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What the Heck Happened?

I started this blog because I had so much time on my hands at work that I wanted to/ NEEDED to have an arena where I could speak freely and wordily (I know it’s not a word) about my newest passion. Wouldn’t you know that the knitting GODS saw fit to put it on my bosses hearts to fire me so that I would have more time to blog /pursue/immerse myself in my happy place of yarnery. Funny thing about unemployment, it just allows you to be employed in the place that you have been trying to avoid doing the most work; your home.

I started my home employment with the beautiful delusion that, not only would I have more time to knit (ha ha ha), blog (what’s that), and meet with friends BUT I could also reorganize everything, keep a spotless living space, happy fluffy pets, clean HOMESCHOOLED kid, serve up food-network inspired meals ever other night (had to be realistic), and look super hot without even trying. Cause that’s how I roll.

I have now been working this job for almost a year and let me just tell you.. THE HOUSE NEVER STAYS CLEAN. The dogs and cats like to roll in dirt  and one has an ugly habit on eating, err,… yeah. She isn’t mine.  I am just pet-sitting. I cook maybe 3 times a week. We are not too good for left-overs. At least one meal a week comes courtesy of  my sous-chef, Mr. Crock Pot. Don’t have a sous-chef? Get you one. They work for cheap. Home schooling a 5th grader is hard work. I need a raise for that one. The rewards are priceless. I haven’t met with friends to sit and knit or drink since the summer. AND KNITTING… well let’s just say that I do it a lot less than when I was working (there is a joke in there somewhere) but I talk about it a whole lot more.

I managed to get myself this cool co-hosting gig for a video podcast. The interview process was grueling. I just showed up. That’s it. Oh, and I made a great friend with a great idea and determination to start a video podcast. Wolfe Farms Video Podcast  has already given me so much more than I expected. All we wanted to do was communicate. The friendships, gifts, lessons, and interactions that have occurred directly due to the podcast are proof that people respond to honesty, goodness, truth, and giggles.

Now, I have had a renewed desire to blog. There is so much that I choose not to say on the video podcast. There are lots that we can’t cover in our hour. I plan on doing that here. I must say that I have learned that I have to take out time to do these sorts of things. I wake up at 4:30 every morning to squeeze in a little extra time to knit. I have decided that I will close up the kitchen by 7 every night so that I have some time to blog (or at least put ideas down). Once my mind is set on something well, it’s pretty much gonna happen.

On that note: I am finding myself draw to this . It is calling to me and I must answer. More later.


  1. you go girl! Keep the posts coming! You inspire me to get back on the blog bandwagon.