Friday, January 20, 2012

Consider Youself Reminded

This is a reminder to not to buy into what the "nobodies" say, do, blog, write. Place no value on meaningless definers of greatness or lack thereof. Especially Itunes reviews, blogger reviews, podcast reviews, Ravelry dislikes, Ravelry negative remarks (nothing worse than an angry, mean, knitter), lists, and plurk karma.

Lessons learned as children hold true as adults. Sticks and Stones. Words are just words. I give no weight to the harsh words of virtual nobodies. For all I know, they could be some kind of unhappy, schizophrenic, dead beat parent, animal beating, psychopathic, child hating, fun killing, drug addict, alcoholic, homicidal, (insert the worse kind of person here). Seriously. Think about it.

Here's another remider:

I laugh every day. Every single day of my life there is something to laugh about. My son, my husband (funny), my friends, my animals, my mistakes, my tears, my yarn, my knitting, my crocheting all make me laugh.  I am happy (or crazy.. you don't do know you.. LOL).  My happiness is mine. NOONE can take it from me. I own it.

This made me laugh yesterday. I laugh every time I see it. Both the Daybreak and the boy in this pic make me proud too!


  1. Love the Daybreak and the Boy!
    True words to remember! I imagine doing a podcast and I always have this fear of negative remarks. However, I don't have the equipment, so that's ok.
    I think it takes alot of guts to do a podcast and admire you all that do!

  2. You are so funny on your podcast. You and Dawn put yourselves out there every week. There always seem to be some people that don't like what you, me or their mother says. Love listening to you two! Ignore the haters. :)

  3. I agree Nicole, they must be very miserable and have nothing better to do with their time. I dont know why they bother to watch in the first place if that is how they feel. I think the knitting podcasters do a fantastic job and I absolutely love you and Dawn every week. Nice to see a picture of your son!

  4. Great post...what we don't say on the podcast....LOL

  5. I think you do a great job and this world needs all the laughs it can get. I can't even hate the haters...its more like..."whatever. You hate if you want to, but seriously, who cares?". I don't and you obviously don' keep on keepin' on. "We are here for a good time, not a long time, so have a good time...the sun don't shine everyday!" Peace out.