Wednesday, February 8, 2012

there IS a season

I am a lace-less shawl lover. They make me happy. You can take your fancy “yarn-over twice” and your fussy “purl 3 together through the back loop” and your stupefying “knit through the last two stitches on the 5th row below your work on your left side” and stick them, ugh, somewhere. Give me garter stitch! I want to “make one left” or “make one right” before or after the stitch markers – and that’s all I have to do on that row! If I want complicated, I will just work on a shawl where I carry up a color or two!

Hi. My name is Nicole. I am a wife. I am a mother. I home-school. I don’t have a maid, chef, butler, or scrubber of laundry. I do my own stunts. My day and the greater part of my brain power is dedicated to the domestics. Whatever is left over is used for knitting. I don't want to be challenged by whatever I am knitting (too much) nor do I want to be bored by it. Enter STIPE STUDY SHAWL. It is purrrrfect for my needs for this time of year. 

The other day; as I was trying to juggle helping the son with fractions, switching loads of laundry, throwing some genius concoction in the crock-pot, and mopping the cold tile floor; thoughts of summer flooded my mind. Ah summer. No kid (he goes and spends lots of time with his dad). No school work. Less Laundry. Less Housework.  Ah summer. Once my husband leaves for work, I am left in my own company. Evenings upon evenings spent in lovely alone-ness. What should I knit? I could totally knit another hemlock. That’s when I realized:

The season for knitting lace is summer.

I wonder what’s the season for enterlac?

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  1. Girlfriend...a lot of times, you say what I'm thinking. And they way you all gush over that stripe study, I'm going to have to exercise my brain a little more to carry a couple of colors, and jump on the stripestudy bandwagon.