Sunday, April 8, 2012

Episode 2 Thank You

Thank You:
Socks with Pints On
April Showers Cowl
Teresa’s 10 Minute Crochet Preemie Hat

The Knitting Den Podcast


  1. Hi Nicole, very enjoyable. Congrats on getting so many members in a week!!!
    Chadwick looks great, very nice colourway.
    Until next time,

  2. Nicole, you are a beautiful person. i love your podcast. i hate repeating myself but i am so glad that you decided to do a video podcast. i can remember when i was in my 20s and i started to knit at how expensive it seemed to me. now that i am much older, and wiser, hahaha, i still feel like i have to watch my spending. i think it's a great idea that you tell other knitters what you pay for your yarns and that you don't have to buy the high end yarns to make a beautiful project.

    i loved the knitting is my bag with the old typewriter keys, i remember learning on those old typewriters and they weren't easy typewriters to learn on...thank god for computer keyboards!

    looking forward to next weeks video podcast (VPC).

    1. You are too kind.

      I remember that you had to PUSH those typewriter keys to get them to strike. I loved the sound that they made.

      I just want to put it ALL out there. You guys welcome me into your "homes" every week and I want to be thorough. I am having a Craftalong in MAY that is soo the opposite of expensive. I hope you are able to join in.

  3. "nothing beats a fail but to try" - I love that!

    Great podcast, again! Such a joy to watch and I especially appreciate that you give the price points on your projects and what techniques are needed, good information to know.

    Can't wait for next episode!
    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you,Kara. I felt that I was assuming that everyone was knitting at the same level as I was or higher. I forgot that I was a beginner at one time. I want to talk to every knitter at every level, so I decided that I would give the skill needed to knit. That way I wouldn't have to gauge anything. I am so happy that people are responding to that as well as me pricing out my projects.

  4. I'm raising my hand! I'm here!!! Loved the podcast. You are so darned cute I can't stand it. One thing I LOVE about your podcast that I haven't seen on any others is that you tell what techniques we need to know in order to knit each pattern you are working on! I will be back.

  5. thanks for putting on another great podcast. i am glad you have had such a positive response to it. I look forward to many more from you.

  6. Thank you for sharing the crochet pattern. I'm gonna try to make a few hats for Remembering Ramey for May. :) Another great podcast, Nicole! :)