Monday, April 16, 2012

Episode 3



Louet Gems
Cascade Eco Duo




  1. Nicole, you have such a great attitude. i was glad to see your long cabin blanket. it really looks cushy. keep up the great work you are doing with your podcast, love it!

  2. Thank you! I am trying. I need to get the next color for that blanket. It is so easy and yes, so cushy!

  3. Nicole, Thank you for working on items with techniques that even newbies can do or learn. I am more excited about knitting than I already was because of you sharing the pom pom peds socks and the Half Ombre Log Cabin blankie. I haven't learned to bind off or purl yet but I'm getting closer to having my garter stitch scarf the length I would like it and this excites me that I will be able to try something other than scarves once I can bind off and purl. :D
    Thank you so much for sharing what techniques are involved in each project because it lets me know what I can learn or look forward to making and you always have something that is within my reach as a beginner and that soooo ROCKS! :) It's wonderful to watch podcasts and see all the difficult beautiful work but can be frustrating to look at the pattern and see it's too advanced for me at this point. So thank you for encouraging me along by sharing doable patterns that are just as fun and lovely. Thank you also for sharing one doesn't have to use the exact yarns and offering suggestions on other options that are more least for me. It helps a LOT! You just make me smile BIG. :) Keep it up girl and have a great weekend! :)

  4. Just wanted to show you some love!! LOVE!!!
    Kimberly-the giving flower podcast

  5. Thanks Kimberly! I love your podcast right back!

  6. HI Nicole! Thanks for the fantastic shout out. I think its so great that you and your son watch my episodes and enjoy it. that makes me so happy. and i love the quote from Elenore Roosevelt. I have to keep remembering that. I was told that when i was 16 and i didnt believe it. but now i can see that it is definitely true. Thank you for another great podcast.